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                                        Hong Kong

SISHUB Bounty Campaign Round 2


In the last 2-3 years, cryptocurrency has become one of the most popular topics worldwide. Many projects have already gained success, and new blockchain start-ups are popping up every day. Most of them conduct ICO to raise funds and enter the market. Investors can get really big money in case if their investment tokens rise x10 or even x100. But what about those who cannot afford to participate in token sales? In this case, just participate in the Bounty program!

Bounty is a great opportunity to get tokens without investing your money just by conducting certain advertising actions. Simple tasks like reposting and writing comments can be done by everyone, no special knowledge is required.

The SISHUB Team invites everyone to participate in the STEEL Ecosystem Project's Bounty Campaign and receive STEEL Tokens without investing!

The tokens that you earn by participating in the STEEL Ecosystem ICO Bounty should not be considered as a short-term profit, but as a classic on the cryptocurrency market long-term investment. High profits are expected, since the products developed by the SISHUB Team provide such highly-demanded services as the maximum secure data exchange, messaging and payments, PC and mobile devices protection, both for individuals and for the corporate use.

Rules of the STEEL Ecosystem Project's Bounty Campaign:

Tokens Distribution:

  • Youtube - 1 000 000 STEEL
  • Facebook - 2 500 000 STEEL
  • Twitter - 2 500 000 STEEL
  • Signature - 3 500 000 STEEL

This round of Bounty Campaign will end on 06.01.2019 (8 weeks in total).
Payments to the participants are carried out in STEEL (STL).
Tokens for this round will be distributed after week 8.
Bitcointalk Newbie Members are not allowed to participate in the campaign!
Multiple registrations, fraud, spam lead to disqualification.
The Team has the right to change campaign rules.
The Team has the right to remove the participant from any campaign without explanation.
The Team has the right not to accept the participant.
KYC is not required.
Each participant should write the Proof of Authentication post with the links to the social networks' accounts in this Bitcointalk thread:

Complete simple tasks under the STEEL Ecosystem Project's Bounty Campaign requirements and get a good income while helping in realization of the far-reaching technology developments!

SISHUB на роадшоу в Китае
Security SISHUB’s Chinese Roadshow 2018

China — all contrasts at a reach of hand. SISHUB’s debut during the 3-week roadshow has expanded the horizons with the vast variety of opportunities and realisation that China is truly a trendsetter in crypto world.

The Future Together With STEEL Ecosystem

Functioning without the Internet today is impossible. It brings us a lot of benefits. But much as it does so, it also brings the downsides. It is only now that we are beginning to realize the extent of its influence on our world.

SISHUB Presents Decentralized STEEL Ecosystem

Anonymous STEEL Messenger
Decentralized STEEL Network for Secure Data Exchange
Cryptocurrency STEEL Wallet
SISHUB Blockchain Network
Decentralized Complex Blockchain STEEL Antivirus Software