The Future Together With STEEL Ecosystem

We should all think about the future,
because we will spend the rest of our lives in it.

- Charles Kettering,

American inventor and businessman.

Functioning without the Internet today is impossible. It brings us a lot of benefits. But much as it does so, it also brings the downsides. It is only now that we are beginning to realize the extent of its influence on our world.

Did you know that all your movements are tracked to the nearest meter, and when GPS + GLONASS is connected, the data is provided with the accuracy of 10–15 centimeters? Could you imagine that everything you say, not just on the phone, but also next to the phone, gets recorded?

Are you sure that your correspondence will not become public? And your application will protect your interests?

We all buy our own electronics, with the help of which we are being tracked further on. There are several levels of surveillance: from the trivial recording of your phone conversations, when everything is written down, to more sophisticated ways used by the special services against competitors. The required functions can be built in at the program level or wired into the hardware. There is the possibility of transferring data through a conventional wire that supplies electricity to your gadgets and computers. There are allegations that even the monitors themselves are capable of transmitting image and sound, and the screen itself also successfully performs the role of a high-sensitivity microphone–screen vibrations caused by sounds around the monitor are recorded as sound.

Now, to identify a specific person, there are many direct and indirect labels: voice, face, network behaviour, regularly visited sites, geolocation, etc. Therefore, one should understand: no one is already anonymous on the network.

Everyone is identified, targeted, profiled, and advertising is addressed precisely.

What about business? Here things are no better! Cybercrime is a new trend. Nowadays, it is not necessary to have a gang of thugs or weapons to devastate someone–just take a few programmers who can simply destroy a person or his business, and you’re all set! This is a modern kind of money extortion.

How long are you ready to wait for an application that not only protects your personal and corporate data but also saves your finances? The one that will not expose your personal correspondence?

Cyber attacks, hacking of personal data, cyber threats and even stealing money–these are usual, everyday events. Data security and anonymity are long forgotten concepts in the world of endless and limitless online communication, money transfers and simple online transactions.

Today, in the world of Internet communication, the most professional developers in cybersecurity are racking their brains over to provide the market with the most optimal solutions to protect customer interests. Do you hope that you will be protected by an antivirus? Keep in mind that by downloading any antivirus on the Internet for free, you can say goodbye to your privacy.

We, SISHUB, confidently declare that such concepts as anonymity and data security are not a myth in the open space of unlimited communication! Today we can declare that our client can remain confident on the subject of anonymity and the security of his identity and personal interests by 99.9%! In a world where cyber attacks and hacking are always one step ahead of the best minds in the development of cyber defence, we offer consumers the utmost confidence in identity security: the STEEL Ecosystem.

Your correspondence can be protected by a decentralized STEEL Messenger.

For corporate computers, an adaptive network is provided for secure data exchange, so that no one from outside can obtain internal company information.

And for modern, advanced audience, those who believe in future of payments in cryptocurrencies, STEEL Messenger will contain a built-in multicurrency wallet, with the ability to conduct transactions in a couple of clicks.

To protect all network users, a completely unique antivirus, based on the principle of decentralization, is being developed.

Over time, the entire ecosystem will move to its own blockchain, where all operations will be performed almost instantaneously, and in order for customers to seamlessly switch to our developments, SISHUB is also providing such option as API technology.

Build a safe future with us! Be sure that your personal life and finances are protected by STEEL Ecosystem.

SISHUB Bounty Campaign Round 2

The SISHUB Team invites everyone to participate in the STEEL Ecosystem Project's Bounty Campaign and receive STEEL Tokens without investing!

SISHUB на роадшоу в Китае
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China — all contrasts at a reach of hand. SISHUB’s debut during the 3-week roadshow has expanded the horizons with the vast variety of opportunities and realisation that China is truly a trendsetter in crypto world.

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