SISHUB на роадшоу в Китае

SISHUB’s Chinese Roadshow 2018


China — all contrasts at a reach of hand. SISHUB’s debut during the 3-week roadshow has expanded the horizons with the vast variety of opportunities and realisation that China is truly a trendsetter in crypto world.

The understanding of the investment markets and societal needs of this country, before hidden from the eye under the layers of censorship and secrecy, has now risen with the perseverance towards uncovering the bigger picture — and being one step closer towards the safe and secure world. Strong interest in Israeli projects coming from the Chinese investment funds has only proven SISHUB’s priorities stand at a right point — and that is a true encouragement for company’s development, knowing how desperately the world is begging to be saved. Adam Kuleshov here, Business Development Officer at SISHUB, and it’s my pleasure to share this incredible experience.

SISHUB на роадшоу в Китае

The roadshow over the route Hong Kong-Shenzhen-Hong Kong involved more than 500 meetings, indicating how insanely China is packed with investment initiative. During each, it was perfectly clear that the blockchain community here is much more developed than in any other location worldwide, as not only the people are deeply interested in it, there are plenty that, though not knowledgeable on the matter, are not at all ashamed about it, and willing to learn to invest into innovation. It truly inspires how the population is plunging into exploring the mysterious and is learning to uncover it in order to invest in meaningful development, rather than following a conventional route.

SISHUB на роадшоу в Китае

Kicking off with exploring Hong Kong’s blockchain and crypto community, it was clear that this place is truly a boiling pot. Its activity engages people from entire Asia, and even over the weekends, there are constantly events on this matter, indicating the enormous curiosity and dedication. Great people seeking great changes.

SISHUB на роадшоу в Китае

SISHUB has started out at Niubility World Blockchain Conference, where I have carried a mission to acquaint the audience with the elements of STEEL Ecosystem and help them understand the structure, advantages and potential of it over a deep dive. The generic presentations are for generic meetups, and here, the audience knows exactly what they are looking for. Following this, we’ve had a tea time with Tony Tong, co-chairman of Hong Kong Blockchain Association and the professor of the University of Minnesota, who invented the US patented Internet Workflow. During these, I have had a unique chance to understand what the trust is really about and how it is formed, as I was explaining the essence of our project. You learn a lot on how to interact with the investors and understand what is it that they truly seek to rely on.

SISHUB на роадшоу в Китае

Moving on, we had a chance to participate in Security Token Future conference hosted by ICO Rating, GITA, QHIBEC, Cybersport and Hashgard, which was dedicated to the role of security tokens in crypto and blockchain industries. Speakers from a variety of fields — financial engineering, regulatory institutions and exchanges — all of them came to discuss and reflect upon latest market developments. One of them, Allen Ng from Everest Ventures, has met us in person and was the one among many experts to witness our project pitch, where we got to explain the STEEL Ecosystem in depth. Later, we’ve had a pleasure to meet Lai Kui Shing, Yorkshire Capital Managing director to discuss out potential future cooperation, followed by meetings with Hong Kong Bitcoin Association officials, PwC, Hong Kong International Blockchain and Financial Association.

Followed by Shenzhen, we have plunged into the blockchain underground. Due to heavy regulations people keep strict track of their language and try not to use words as “ICO”, “fundraising”, “utility tokens” and so on. Flexibility is a virtue! Minding that, we have performed numerous negotiations — with Shenzhen Neeq Enterprises Association, Spatial Information Industrial, Madison Group etc., and the outcome is soon to please our audience, as we expand our operational potential and production capacity.

SISHUB на роадшоу в Китае

In sum, we think big. We act big. And we aren’t planning on stopping. I look at China as at Hadron Collider for the entire crypto world, as if somehow it is a kind of jet engine for all appearing innovations. So here we are — reaching the peak with pleasure and much more to come.

Stay tuned on our development process.

Adam Kuleshov
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